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Swinging 60'S London Theme Event

Swinging 60s London Theming and Props:

Transport your guests back in time to Swinging 60’s London. Stroll past our Carnaby street themed shop fronts down to Piccadilly. Giant Mini Car prop and life size red phone box props create an authentic feel to this great theme.

Swinging 60’s London Theming and Props Include:

  • Panoramic London backdrops

  • Piccadilly backdrop

  • Carnaby street shops set

  • Houses of Parliament backdrop

  • Life size cut out of The Kray Twins

  • Life size cut out of The Beatles

  • Life size Mini car cut out prop

  • Life size cut outs of London faces & models

  • Union jack bunting & flags

  • Silk flames, period lighting & mirror balls

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