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Jungle Theme Event

Jungle Theming and Props:

Get ready for a wild, wild night with a Jungle themed party. Welcome your guests over our rope bridge entrance way. Sip reception drinks from coconut shells at the Jungle Juice Tiki bar. Amazing, colourful jungle backdrops, life size wild animal statues, faux animal skin table cloths, palm trees, jungle vines. We can even create a jungle rock pool and waterfall.

Jungle Theming and Props Include:

  • Panoramic jungle scene backdrops

  • Life size, 3D Animal statue props

  • Palm trees

  • Shrubs, moss & undergrowth

  • Rocks & sand

  • Jungle camp themed set with trunks, campo fire & washing lines

  • Camo netting & hanging vines from ceiling

  • Amazing flame & lighting effects

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