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Bollywood Theme Event

 Bollywood Theming and Props:

Lights, Camera, Action!!!............Welcome your guests to the heart of Indian film making. With our giant Bollywood movie posters and vibrant draping as well as authentic Indian props and dressing, we set the scene for your party perfectly.

Bollywood Theming and Props Include:

  • Giant Bollywood Posters

  • Room draping in bright oranges, greens, purples & blues

  • Authentic Indian street carts

  • Taj Mahal backdrop

  • Life size 3D Bollywood dancer statue

  • Life size baby Elephant

  • Indian jungle backdrops

  • Life size jungle animal cut outs

  • Indian jungle fountain & waterfall

  • Giant Clapperboards

  • Life size ‘Boscar’ statues

  • Flame & lighting effects in vibrant colours

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