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Gangster Theme Event

 Gangster and Prohibition Theming and Props:

Its 1920’s America. The Volstead act has driven drinking and partying underground and into the Speakeasy’s controlled by the Mob. Time to party in the underworld!

Gangster & Prohibition Theming and Props Include:

  • Brick alleyway with Speakeasy door set

  • Life size Gangster statues

  • Backdrops of Chicago street scenes

  • Backdrop of New York with 3D Empire State Building Prop

  • Statue of Liberty Statue

  • Life size cut outs of Gangsters & Cops

  • Chicago street set theme with barbers shop

  • Life size cut outs of flapper girls

  • Lampposts, dynamite boxes, beer barrels, whiskey crates

  • Lighting effects and much, much more

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